User flow

Our collect API allows your customers to pay in local currency easily using a voucher system we’ve developed from the ground up.

Here’s how the process looks like for your customers:


User verifies identity

We use a simple 3 step ID verification flow. The user only needs to verify identity once.


User account created

After the user has verified their identity, we create a permanent account for the user to make payments to at any time.


Create voucher

Anytime the user makes payment to their account, a voucher is instantly created for them.


Redeem voucher

Once voucher payment is done, voucher can be redeemed. You either auto redeem the voucher for the user, or allowing them to manually redeem using a code in your app.

Update your merchant information

Once you get your API credentials, update your merchant details using our update merchant record.


  1. logo : Sets your widget logo.
  2. callbackUrl : Your callback URL. Webhook will be sent to this URL.
  3. feeBearer : Payee of the transaction fees.
  4. creditCurrency : Sets which currency to be settled in after voucher is redeemed

See our update-merchant API reference for more details.

Create a voucher

You can create a voucher in two different ways:

Completing the above steps using either Method 1 or Method 2 will issue a permanent account to the user that they can deposit funds to at any time.

Redeem a voucher

After creating a voucher, your users will be directed to the provided callback URL upon successful payment.

Your callback URL will receive the following query parameters:

  1. vouchercode : The code used to redeem the voucher.
  2. voucherId : The ID of the created voucher.

See our redeem-voucher API reference for more details

feeBearer: The feeBearer param allows you to choose between client or merchant as the payee of the fee. merchant will charge fees from your balance, while client will charge fees from the customer.