Our Offramp API allows your users to go from crypto to local currency instantly.

We currenctly support Offramp with Bank transfer (NGN) and MoMo (GHS)

Offramp with Bank transfer (NGN)


Resolve destination bank account

Use our resolve-bank-account reference to verify recepient bank account and return the account details


Get rates

Use our get-current-rates reference to fetch offramp rates


Create your payment

Use our create-payment reference to create your payment.


Handle webhook

A webhook notification containing associated payload and verification hash is sent to your webhook endpoint for validation. See webhooks for details

Changing payout amount

To use this option, please make sure your payout balance has sufficient funds. If you want us to send crypto directly to the user, ignore this option
You can change the amount you pay to the user when they send crypto. This is helpful for setting profit margins on transactions. To do this first follow the steps outlined above, then make a withdrawal request using our withdraw-balance reference