Prerequisite: You need to first integrate our Collect API before you can Onramp.

User flow

Our Onramp API allows your customers to pay in local currency easily using a voucher system we’ve developed from the ground up. Voucher can then be redeemed for crypto in their wallet address

Here’s how the process looks like for your customers:


User verifies identity

We use a simple 3 step ID verification flow. The user only needs to verify identity once.


User account created

After the user has verified their identity, we create a permanent account for the user to make payments to at any time.


Create voucher

Anytime the user makes payment to their account, a voucher is instantly created for them.


Redeem voucher

Once voucher payment is done, voucher can be redeemed. You either auto redeem the voucher for the user, or allowing them to manually redeem using a code in your app.


Withdraw crypto

Once voucher is redeemed, crypto is automatically sent to the wallet address included in the payment

How to Onramp


Create a voucher

First, you need to complete all the prerequisites in our Collect API, and then create a voucher using Method 1 or 2 as shown here


Redeem and withdraw

Once this is done, you can then use our redeem and withdraw reference to complete your onramp